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FS: Prince of Tennis Pencil Boards, Calendar, Posters and More

I have for sales some Prince of Tennis goodies, calendars, pencil boards and bromides.  Please kindly take a look.  Do check out out my Bleach Items , KHR Items and also Fruits Baske/Hana Kimi/Harukanaru/Vampire Knight/Kuroshitsuji/Sengoku Basara etc and more items for sales as well.

*Updated 6th July 2011 with additional items and reduced prices*

Prince of Tennis Merchandises

POT Round Cushion (Blue) - Kaidou, Tezuka, Inui
Original POT Item from Animate with tags. 35cm across
Price: USD 18 Each (Only Blue Availabe)

Pencil Boards

Prince of Tennis Pencil Board - Hyotei Double Sided Board

Front/ Back
Price :  USD 6

Inui Pin Badge
Price: USD 4

POT Poker Cards
In plastic hard casing and
various designs
Price:  USD 4

POT Calenders

Prince of Tennis 2007 Tabletop Calendar
Sample Pages 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
Price: USD 7

The Calendars are past calendars which I have not used and I understand that they are past dated which is why I am selling them off cheaply ^^

POT Calendar Pages
I am also selling the following POT Calendar Pages which can also serve as giant Posters.  POT A Calendar Pages are USD 3 each and POT B Calendar Pages are USD 2

POT Calendar A - Seigaku Xmas

POT Calendar A - Rooftop Sakura *Sold*
POT Calendar A - New Year Day
POT Calendar A - Snow Fight
POT Calendar A - Others Sakura
POT Calendar A - Fudomine
POT Calendar A - School Race
POT Calendar A - Beach

These are the individual POT Calendar Pages measuring 51.5cm by 73cm / 42cm by 59cm
Price:  USD 3 each (Discount will be given for more than 2 purchased)


POT Calendar B - Cover *To be given free for purchase first come first served*
POT Calendar B - Bowling
POT Calendar B - Skiing
POT Calendar B - Fudomine
POT Calendar B - Seigaku
POT Calendar B - Yamabuki

These are the individual POT Calendar Pages measuring 42cm by 59cm
Price:  USD 2 each (Discount will be given for more than 2 purchased)

Prince of Tennis Bromides and Cards

Prince of Tennis Summer Bromide - Tezuka/Ryoma
Prince:  USD 6

POT PP2 Premium Gold Rare Oishi Card
POT SP1 Cards
POT SP2 Cards
1 / 2
POT SP3 Cards
POT Misc Rare Shiny Foil Cards
All Rare cards are shining foil cards while Premium Gold Cards are Golden shinning foil cards.
Price: USD 1.00
Please indicate which cards you want (eg POT SP1 H, G,E etc)  Some cards might not be available as this is not the most recently updated list


POT Trading Card Game TCG9
POT Trading Card Game TCG12

POT Trading Card Game TCG13
POT Trading Card Game TCG Misc
1 / 2 / 3

These cards are given free with any purchase, please indicate which cards you want (eg TCG 12  H,G,E etc )  While Stock Last.   Some cards might not be available as this is not the most recently updated list 

Thanks for your interest in taking a look and feel free to leave a comment or email me at if you have any enquiries. I will be more than glad to answer all queries and requests. Prices can be discussed at a reasonable rate so dun hesitate to grab them off now. I have a 100% Ebay rating under username Zetsueix and I have a feedback post you can refer to.

I will take payment by Paypal either by Paypal Funds/Credit Card but Paypal Funds is preferred and I will throw in freebies for that. If you do not have Paypal, feel free to contact me bout other mode of payment. Shipping charges will be determined later as soon as I checked out the postage at the Post Office. I will be shipping items from Singapore, local buyers are welcomed to ask for the price estimates in local currency. Hope to hear from interested buyers and please let me know where to ship to and also if you are paying by Paypal funds or Paypal Credit Card, thanks!

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