Silver Harmony (silverharmony) wrote in seishungakuen,
Silver Harmony

[COSPLAY] Seigaku

Our previous Prince of Tennis cosplays: Rikkai

Hi guys! I don't know whether cosplay is allowed here? Taking my chances lol, but feel free to delete if it's not allowed.

Anyway, I cosplayed Fuji recently with a wonderful Seigaku group and just wanted to share the photos :D It was really fun being Fuji for a day!

Harmony/myself as Fuji | sunset_swish as Ryoma | gn004nadleeh as Tezuka | rayfy_chan as Momoshiro | ceestar as Kaidoh | lunarfish as Inui | itakoaya as Eiji | tehcrayonofdoom as Oishi
Photography by moonblader, Bubby and rayfy_chan

Click here to see the rest of the photos

Hope you enjoy!
~ Harmony

PS: If you feel like leaving a comment, please do so on the entry and not on this post because I often don't get notified about comments made in posts I've made to communities ;A; thank you kindly! ♥

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