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Seishun University RP

Welcome to Seishun University

Seishun University sei_dai is a place of beauty, intelligence and power. If you want to be successful in this University you have to be popular and beautiful.
This popularity is based on your amount of logs, posts and comments.
(You get points which you also can use for your character to get better stuff or to shorten the time before you can app for another character, if you want that XD)

The five highest ranked Students are the 'Royal 5' and form the Student council. They rule the school and their word is law.

Every student has to choose one of the 'Royal 5' to be his mentor.(though mostly it doesn't affect much) If they don't choose then the Royal 5 will decide which of them will guide the Student.

The acting Royal 5 are:

#1 Atobe Keigo (King)
#2 Fuji Shyuusuke (Princess)
#3 Kikumaru Eiji (Prince)
#4 Shishido Ryo (Prince)
#5 Yukimura Seiichi (Prince)


This is an AU Prince of Tennis RP.
If the characters know each other or not is up to you. (the teams as such never existed).

Tennis isn't that important here, if you character plays tennis it is good, but there will be no tournaments.

The Links:
Rules * Gameplay/FAQ * Application * Available Characters

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