FS: Prince of Tennis Pencil Boards, Calendar, Posters and More

I have for sales some Prince of Tennis goodies, calendars, pencil boards and bromides.  Please kindly take a look.  Do check out out my Bleach Items , KHR Items and also Fruits Baske/Hana Kimi/Harukanaru/Vampire Knight/Kuroshitsuji/Sengoku Basara etc and more items for sales as well.

*Updated 6th July 2011 with additional items and reduced prices*

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[COSPLAY] Seigaku

Our previous Prince of Tennis cosplays: Rikkai

Hi guys! I don't know whether cosplay is allowed here? Taking my chances lol, but feel free to delete if it's not allowed.

Anyway, I cosplayed Fuji recently with a wonderful Seigaku group and just wanted to share the photos :D It was really fun being Fuji for a day!

Harmony/myself as Fuji | sunset_swish as Ryoma | gn004nadleeh as Tezuka | rayfy_chan as Momoshiro | ceestar as Kaidoh | lunarfish as Inui | itakoaya as Eiji | tehcrayonofdoom as Oishi
Photography by moonblader, Bubby and rayfy_chan

Click here to see the rest of the photos

Hope you enjoy!
~ Harmony

PS: If you feel like leaving a comment, please do so on the entry and not on this post because I often don't get notified about comments made in posts I've made to communities ;A; thank you kindly! ♥
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Seishun University RP

Welcome to Seishun University

Seishun University sei_dai is a place of beauty, intelligence and power. If you want to be successful in this University you have to be popular and beautiful.
This popularity is based on your amount of logs, posts and comments.
(You get points which you also can use for your character to get better stuff or to shorten the time before you can app for another character, if you want that XD)

The five highest ranked Students are the 'Royal 5' and form the Student council. They rule the school and their word is law.

Every student has to choose one of the 'Royal 5' to be his mentor.(though mostly it doesn't affect much) If they don't choose then the Royal 5 will decide which of them will guide the Student.

The acting Royal 5 are:

#1 Atobe Keigo (King)
#2 Fuji Shyuusuke (Princess)
#3 Kikumaru Eiji (Prince)
#4 Shishido Ryo (Prince)
#5 Yukimura Seiichi (Prince)


This is an AU Prince of Tennis RP.
If the characters know each other or not is up to you. (the teams as such never existed).

Tennis isn't that important here, if you character plays tennis it is good, but there will be no tournaments.

The Links:
Rules * Gameplay/FAQ * Application * Available Characters

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Hi everyone, the deadline for signing up for top_cagnotte has been extended to Wednesday, August 4! We already have nearly thirty participants, but we would love to have more! :)

What is top_cagnotte?

It’s the tenipuri reverse ficathon/artathon, also known as a choose your own author/artist ficathon/artathon: you choose your author/artist based on what they enjoy writing, and then make a request based on that instead of making a request and being matched up with an author/artist. So you might just get the fic you've been wanting to read since you entered fandom…

If this sounds fun, you can sign up by commenting on this post with a completed questionnaire. The guidelines are here.

And I apologise if you see this more than once on your flist!
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[Sale] Over 100 Prince of Tennis doujinshi on sale! :D

I'm selling a lot of Prince of Tennis doujinshi at very low prices! Most are yaoi, but I have many gag ones too. I also have a few anthologies :D (I also have other series, by the way!)

You can find all the info about buying here in this post.
The doujinshi list, complete with pictures, inner previews, summaries etc is at the end of the post.
(If you have bought something from me before you might not need to read all the instructions, but if you haven't I suggest that you do because they should clarify any doubts you might have! :D)

This time I'm also doing another thing: accepting (paid) translation commissions. If you think you might be interested in commissioning a Japanese-to-English translation (of anything, not just doujinshi), you can read the details in this post.

Sorry for the spam and thank you for your attention <3

Roleplay comm pimping

With the passing of the Nationals and the departure of the third-years, the many successful Junior High teams of Japan have been disbanded. Some pursued other hobbies, some lost interests, some stopped playing tennis altogether --this, in the eyes of wealthy tennis enthusiast Sakamoto Jin, is a terrible waste.

He, with the purpose of nurturing the young talent he had witnessed, decided to take action.

Camp Tenipuri

Camp Tenipuri (tenicamp) is an outdoor tennis-centric boarding school sponsored by Mr Sakamoto. It is situated near the mountains of Hokkaido, where players would practice on the rough terrians of the wilderness. Young tennis players all over the country are invited to attend this school where they will be provided quality education and tennis training.

Despite being based outdoors, Camp Tenipuri still posesses state-of-the-art facilities. This includes Hot Springs, heated dorms (for those who deserved it) and wireless internet.

All campers are given handheld PDAs with internet access and an inbuilt Global Locating System that they can use to post to their journals.

Rules Application